Lock & Lower
Installation Instructions

fig-1Lower field cultivator to ground. Crank cylinder adjusters evenly so cultivator will achieve the lowest depth you plan to work your soil. Clamp upright post (2) to cross member frame directly in front of main shaft (15) as close to center with of cultivator as possible using 1/2 in threaded U bolt. Tighten U-bolt evenly, keeping upright post (2) as square to frame as possible. Limit switch (6) button should face towards hitch. Mounting upright post (2) close to center with of cultivator keep wings from hitting when folding up. Loosely clamp upright (14) to main shaft (15) using 7/16 in. bolts. After solidly bolting sliding arm (7) to extending shaft (11) of actuator (12) with 5/16 in. bolt, place sliding arm over upright post, sliding it back until limit switch button is almost depressed by spring loaded pad (9). Then clamp upright (14) solidly to main shaft so it is aligned directly behind upright post (2). Put square cap with slot on upright post (2) securing with ΒΌ in bolt through upper end (3) of post . The anchoring end (13) of the actuator (12) is already bolted to the upright (14) and must be able to pivot at this point. Tighten one end of the hydraulic hose having two female ends onto the lower fitting on the hydraulic solenoid valve (18). Tighten the other hose’s female end onto the top fitting of the solenoid valve (18). Locate hydraulic hose coming from tractor that lets oil come from top of main lift cylinders. Loosen this hose from tee connection to relieve any existing pressure. When all pressure is released disconnect hose and connect it to the hose from top of Lock & Lower’s hydraulic solenoid valve (18). Connect the bottom hose from valve to cultivators tee fitting. Extend cultivators ground wire from back of harness with green wire having plugin connector. Wire nut end of blue wire that leads to limit switch (6), extended green ground wire, and receiver box’s (20) green wire together. Check that there is 12 volt power to center post of tractor receptacle when key is turned on. Take apart field cultivators plugin connector by removing screw and attach long red wire from kit to center post. Run wire back to upright post (2) taping or using zip ties to secure wire to harness wire. Wire nut end of long red wire, red wire coming from solenoid valve (18), and red wire from receiver box {21) together. Wires should be neatly bound and given enough slack for sliding arm movement. Now you should be able to set cultivators depth with hand held transmitter (shipped inside of receiver box ) from cab when tractor is running. Raise cultivator all the way making sure you have all the air out of the system. Then try working ground to see what depth is set. If actuator movement is not in a workable range for your depth, loosen bolts holding upright to main shaft and move towards tractor for deeper and backward to set a shallower depth, then re-tighten in the new position.
Lock & Lower’s components handle hydraulic pressures associated with AG use. But always put cylinder stops in when transporting and never work directly under cultivator without blocking frame or lift cylinders to prevent injury.